The Liberty Incident

Gotcher Debunked

On Friday January 3, 2003, at 11:48:01, Ron Gotcher posted an e-mail to Mr. R [redacted] which stated in part:

After my discharge, I worked for the agency [NSA] at Fort Meade. I saw the internal report on the attack, as did most agency employees. The report conclusively established that the attack was deliberate.

In response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request 50412, the NSA responded:

Our records reflect that Mr. James Ronald Gotcher, III has never been affiliated with this agency. (Emphasis added.)

The full texts of the Gotcher e-mail dated January 3, 2003, FOIA request 50412, the NSA release in response to FOIA request 50412, and the report to the NSA Director, USS Liberty (AGTR-5) 23 May - 8 June 1967 are reproduced below.

Gotcher E-mail dated January 3, 2003

Gotcher FOIA Request

NSA Release to FOIA Request 50412

National Security Agency, Report to the Director (1967)

Other documents of interest may be viewed on this website under DOCUMENTS: Investigations (US): message from Director National Security Agency to White House dated 22 June 1967 at 1011Z; A Review of the Technical Research Program 1961-1969 by Julie Alger; National Security Agency Report (1981); the National Security Agency Release of 2 July 2003; and the National Security Agency Release of 6 June 2007.

No other NSA "internal reports on the attack" are known to exist. A careful reading of the above-described reports does not support, but rather refutes Mr. Gotcher's claim.