The Liberty Incident

NSA - "A Review of the Technical Research Program 1961-1969"

Written by Julie Alger

FOIA request 47934 to the National Security Agency resulted in the release of the above review by NSA on October 13, 2006. The review consists of 134 numbered pages. The USS Liberty is discussed on pages 63 through 65. The review states on page 65, "The ship was subsequently towed to Malta...." This is inaccurate. After the attack, USS Liberty sailed to Malta under her own power, followed by the U.S. Navy fleet tug USS Papago (ATF-160). See my letter to NSA on this minor error in the review.

FOIA request, NSA response, letter of correction to NSA, and Alger review pages 1 through 48

Alger review pages 49 through 105

Alger review pages 106 through 134


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