The Liberty Incident

Ram Ron Report (1967)

Four days after the attack on the USS Liberty, the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Itzhak Rabin, appointed Colonel Ram Ron as a one man commission pursuant to Section 537 Israel Military Justice Law of 1955. The procedure is similar to a U.S. Navy JAG manual investigation. Colonel Ron, an infantry officer and a paratrooper (not a lawyer), completed his investigation and filed his report on June 16, 1967. The report contains a number of factual errors which do not bear on the conclusions reached.

Two days later, on June 18, 1967, the Military Advocate General of the IDF, Colonel Meir Shamgar, forwarded the report together with his endorsement recommending the convening of a preliminary inquiry (the equivalent of a U.S. Navy Court of Inquiry) under section 283 of the Israel Military Justice Law of 1955.

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